Re: Soy Hulls Availability?

Lorna Cane

Hi Sue,

>So if Masterfeeds is polluting our soy hulls with corn, is there another company even in Northern New York State that has soy hulls?

From my earlier message, MF says:

"I usually never recommend bagged ingredients usually because they are used by our mills for some of our products but are not quality controlled from our suppliers. That is why when you receive soya hull pellets there is not a proper tag on them with garenteed percent analysis. The other thing is we do not test this product for quality control to general public". 

I take from this that MF does not feel responsible for the quality of this product from their suppliers.

I have not had one bag (I get/used to get 9-11 bags at a time) in the last maybe 6 months without any corn in it. In fact, each cup of pellets (now mostly powder) usually contains at least 3 kernels. One of my boys gets/used to get 12 pounds a day of the stuff. Others used to get only about 3 pounds a day. All are IR.
There are also  seeds of some sort in the product, plus dark pellets,as in brownish black.Not a lot of those,but I just want soy hull pellets. I have kept it all.
It used to be a clean product.They must have changed suppliers,but that doesn't help my horses.

I may have to go back to the more expensive beet pulp shreds.

Looking for a company interested in quality control.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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