Medicating a picky horse


 My mare has been on pergolide for the last 8 days and on chaste tree berry powder for over 2 weeks now.


I am having computer problems this week with uploading updates and pictures and hope to get things resolved over the weekend.  However here is our back history:  Yahoo! Groups


Bahj has no problems eating her normal food, but when I put her meds in her grain or in treats she wont eat.  She does not like chaste tree berry, but when I add some to her herd mates dishes, then she will eat it.


This last week she started dragging her front feet so this weekend I will take pictures to post.


Her behavior is fairly normal for her but I am concerned that she is refusing her treats.


I also noticed that she has a soft lump under the jaw.  I think it may be related to a lymph node acting up and have a call into the vet.  She also has a hard lump on the right side of her neck midway between her jaw and her shoulder.  It hasn't changed since I first found it a year ago, but with the added issues may have more significance.


My question today - how do you medicate a horse that refuses meds in treats?  Tonight I will try my standby apple sauce in a turkey baster trick.


Any ideas?


Marion Buntyn and Bahj Rha

Bennett, CO

May 2014




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