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Mandy Woods

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Thanks Mandy,
Funny, I didn't even think of x-rays until today! And I see you are asking me. I am going to schedule them ASAP. For one thing I'm still not sure what I'm dealing with.
I took some pics this morning and am posting them now. Does she look like a bout of laminitis? There is a dish in the middle of the hoof where the abscess was. I believe I already posted that she was trimmed yesterday and is sore again - though not as dramatically as she was after the previous trim.
What would make her sore after a trim? Even the trimmer was surprised and expected her to feel better, not worse.
Thank you for the advice on minerals.. We have a Southern States close by so that would be very convenient.
As soon as I get the IR results and X-rays I'll post them. Then at least I will know what I am dealing with.
Thanks Again,
Melodie  (in MD)

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Hi Melodie,
Here is the link to Amelia’s CH.  
Please cut and paste it to your signature so it is always available to the volunteers.  That really helps speed up an answer.  Add Md to your signature too!
Did you get xrays?  Please post them in your CH.  And pictures of her feet (sole, lateral and heel/toe angle) would help.
Regarding Remission:  Why not get a 50# bag of magnesium/oxide 54% at Southern States for under $20.  This will last you years.   There arent enough minerals in Remission.  Amelia is a big girl and will need more minerals when you get your hay analyzed.  Many of us on the east coast buy California Trace because its packed with minerals our east coast hays are deficient in.  Have a look at      The alfalfa hay you’re feeding may not be helping. Some horses become foot sore on alfalfa.  Stop the carrots temporarily because of the sugar in them.  Lets see what her bloodwork says.    IF you have a SS near you ~ get them to order Ontario Dehy Balance Timothy cubes.  These are completely balanced, safe low sugar/starch cubes.  All you add is Vitamin E,  Isalt,  and freshy ground flax seed.  They make excellent ‘treats’ too!
Lavinia is giving you sound advice on your mare’s feet.  Lavinia is one of our hoof people.  I use her too! 
Hang in there.  Take it one day at a time.  But remember for best results incorporate all 4 points of our philosophy ~ DDT/E.  
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003
ps:  just one more instruction ~ please delete the previous email you are responding to.  Our files are getting full with so many new members!   Thanks,M.

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