Re: Is this low grade laminitis?

Mandy Woods

Something is going on inside Amelia’s feet.   We will have to get all the ducks in a row before a DIAGNOSIS can be given.   The DDT/E’s.    I can tell you  a horse  abscessing  is in pain!                I think soaking her feet in warm water with a squirt of Dawn dish washing soap and a double squirt of Betadine in the water will help her feel better temporarily.  One thing that can set up an abscess is changing the hoof angles.     Bute wont begin to help her pain.    You can also order Clean Trax and/or Oxine to soak her feet in.  Oxine is the best buy.  Look on for it and get the citric powder which activates it.  
You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain by starting her on the Emergency Diet.    The Diet we recommend is good for any horse.     When was she last raced? 
The good news is abscessing is the body getting rid of necrotic tissue.   I would just hand walk her to keep her undercontrol until more is known.  Hopefully your vet has a digital xray machine and gives you your disk while you wait.
Hang in there!
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response

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