Bounce - blood test results

Ruth Vale

I have added the most blood test recent results for Bounce to the case history file. He's looking good, interested in life and no abscess since February.

Currently on 3.5 lbs of Brooks Un-ti (minimum maintenance ration) to which I've added 1/2 fresh ground flax, 1/2 tsp iodized salt, 1/2 tsp magnesium oxide and VitE capsules. He is on dry lot and is not hand grazed on the green stuff. I'm waiting for the BO to provide information on the hay testing and will update the case history file (I don't have MS Word on this machine so it is a big hassle and a long story). Remember that this horse hasn't given me much of an obvious hint except the abscessing and general depression. I have to buy the feed in addition to the board bill, so I'm looking to cut where I can - is the Vit E supplement still advised? Rest of the supplement is cheap so no issues. Readings all look great except Leptin is slightly elevated.

Glucose : 91 mg/dL (reference range 71-113)
ACTH Baseline : 18.1 pg/mL (reference range 9-35) - non-fasting
Insulin Baseline : 8.46 uIU/mL (reference range 10-40)
Leptin Baseline : 5.16 ng/mL (reference range 1-4)
T4 (Thyroxine) Baseline : 2.48 ug/dL (reference range 0.85-2.4)

Vet advises that: "slightly elevated leptin is enough to keep us watchful of him. Insulin resistance or not, he is a very efficient metabolizing horse" There has been no evidence of abscessing since February 2014. He likes the new feed and he continues in the dry lot with no hand grazing allowed and regular exercise 3-5 days/week - mostly hacking and light schooling for about 20 min to an hour, increasing as we both get fitter. He was tested in February, this one was drawn on June 11. He was on pergolide last winter as a precaution. My thought is that if we are going to have trouble again it will be over the next six months.

Trimmer keeps making reference to the "stretched laminae" in his feed, but the sole meets the hoof wall and an obvious mustang roll is developing. Heel on front right is still growing out from that last abscess which really blew it apart. He shows tender footed on course gravel occasionally but not like last summer.

Can someone give me the Coles Notes on what exactly what "stretched laminae" is and advise whether my guess that we managed to escape a founder in 2013 is correct? I'll get new pics of his feet and post them. Is he still at risk (to what degree?) for founder? Would you advise continuing on the same regime or make any changes?

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Case History - Ontario, Canada/2014-07-12 Bounce_bloodwork.pdf
Description : Round 2 of blood testing, sample drawn June 11, 2014. Symptoms have diminished - no evidence of abscessing since Feb 2014.

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