Re: Pinworms


I still need help in making a treatment plan for pinworms if anyone can help me. I haven't gotten much help from my vet who says he's rarely seen pinworms, especially in older horses (I've been reading that there is an increase in occurence and even older horses are getting them now when it used to only be young horses).

I have two horses that are tested and diagnosed IR and a mini that I treat as IR although she's not been tested. All three have pinworms.

When I questioned my vet about how often I can give ivermectin or pyrantel, he just answered that dewormers are relatively safe nowadays.

I took a dead worm that I pulled out of my mini's butt to him yesterday and he said it looked like a pinworm, although, it was deteriorated which made it hard to tell for sure. But, with the severe itching that my horses are having under their tails (with no neck rubbing), it points to pinworms. I am glad to see that the last two times I saw a worm, it was dead.

They are very difficult to eradicate due to their life cycles and it seems that dewormers only kill the adults which take up to five months to mature.

I am washing their hind ends in the morning to remove any eggs deposited during the night. In the evening I wash them again and then slather on vaseline which is supposed to make it harder for the eggs to stick.

I read that it can take up to a year to finally get things under control.

I would like to deworm as often as I safely can to continually kill the adults as they mature. If they have continuously ingested eggs (I have no idea where they got them since my vet said they mainly occur in damp grass pastures. I live in Southern CA and my horses are on a one acre dry lot.)

Can anyone tell me how often I can deworm and which kind is best and whether they should be single or double doses? One article I read said a double dose of pyrantel every 6-8 weeks. Dr. Gordon told me on the EC Horsekeeping site that she took Dr. Kellon's deworming class and Dr. Kellon said to use Fendazibole (something like that) or Iver with praziquantel, but, I don't know how ofen or single or double dose. 

When my mini first started rubbing, I gave her Ivermectin twice, two weeks apart and she still had a live adult worm a week or two later, so I wonder about the effectiveness of the Ivermectin. I then gave her Quest on the advice of my vet and then I saw two dead worms come out of her.

Should I make an appointment to have a consultation with Dr. Kellon?


Kim and Nanna
Southern CA
May 2008

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