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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melodie,

Thanks for adding the newer shots. There are definite issues with Amelia's trim, enough that they could be the sole source of her ongoing soreness and abscessing. I moved all of your photos into one album on ECHistory8:

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Is the pic labeled LF actually the RF(?). If there has been laminitis it may be mechanical rather than metabolic, which means that the hoof form is not correct and is causing a lot of tearing forces on the laminar connections each time Amelia takes a step. She definitely should not be worked/ridden until corrections are made to her trim and boots and pads are a priority to keep her comfortable and prevent further concussive damage.

I see the areas where the older abscesses are growing out on the dorsal(front) walls. If you tap on the hoof wall below this point do you get a hollow sound? If so, how far to each side? The dishing is likely a combination of the long toes, possible rotation/sinking and abscess tracts destabilizing the connections even more.

The sole appears to be fairly flat, with no concavity. Heel buttresses are too far forward and the bars are also run forward and rolling onto the sole. It is likely the sole is thin, at least on the flatter RF. Toe is definitely too long on both and heels will need to be backed and dropped WITHOUT removing sole depth. This will likely be trickier to accomplish on the RF as the coffin bone angle may already be ground parallel or even slightly negative plane. Xrays are a very good idea. Please take a look here, on our sister site ECHoof, for How to Get Good Xrays:

I know it's a bit of a pain but could you get pics of all the soles and lateral and dorsal shots as well? Need the camera to be on the ground 12-18 inches from the foo, good lighting or use the flash. Soles square in the center of the shot. A couple of body shots would also be helpful. Try to hold the foot steady when taking sole shots - maybe you can get a friend to hold the foot up for you? Once you get these, I can do some specific mark-ups and explanations for you to illustrate exactly what needs to be done. Can also do the same for the xrays once you have them.

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