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Oh My,  this is very disturbing. I felt something was wrong this past trim (2 days ago) as this is the second time she is very sore AFTER the trim.  I feel terrible thinking I have hurt my poor horse, I love her so.... I took her off the track at just-turned-5 and have taken the "slow route" building her confidence and trust.

Melodie -

As was previously mentioned, I think, OTTB can come with 'hidden' surprises that you're not expecting.  But catching these things with the feet when they can be addressed is the key, and that's what you have done here.

It's not unusual to see unexpected hoof issues with the running QHs when they come off the track.

The trim or trim technique probably had nothing to do with it, so don't feel bad, and don't allow your trimmer to feel bad.  We see these things so often and can help you both get it all organized. 

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