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Hi Ruth,

Looking at your blood test results, I noticed that for both Feb and June, your samples arrived at Guelph already thawed—see top of the page, “Specimen(s) received:”


     In the 8 years we have been sending frozen specimens for ACTH over a much longer distance, we have not had any such reports of thawed samples using the free Purolator courier.

Is your vet freezing the samples overnight and sending with frozen ice packs, with the whole bundle wrapped in newspaper? See Step 4 for preparing specimens for shipping:


Alton is very close to Guelph, and in my opinion, the June sample should not have taken 2 days to arrive.  Also odd for the overnight samples to thaw in February.


The thawed samples then needed to be sent on to Cornell.  I would have more questions about the sample handling: What day did Guelph forward the samples?  Did Guelph refreeze the sample, or just sent it chilled? What effect would this have on the Cornell results?


Thurs Feb 27 thawed sample arrives at Guelph-ACTH...Mon Mar 3 sample analyzed at Cornell –insulin, leptin

Fri June 13 thawed sample arrives Guelph…Thurs June 19 sample analyzed at Cornell – ACTH, insulin, leptin


When we have needed samples forwarded to another lab (KSU or Cornell), we have driven the frozen samples directly to Guelph (wrapped in ice packs and newspapers and placed in a cooler), to be certain they arrive in good condition.  This is over 6 hours of driving round trip for us.  With my vet’s agreement to save his time, I called Dr Jim Fairles in advance and made arrangements for our samples to be held in Guelph’s freezer for the weekend, then sent out on Monday.



SW Ontario

Mar 2005

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