Re: Melada's pergolde

Pamela Bramell

Just my experience, my Frosty was having an ongoing uveitis attack and we couldn't get it under control.  The vet suggested taking him off the 2 mg of pergolide and putting him on 1 mg prascend.  Vet said he had seen wonderful results with it.  I went ahead and put  him on the prascend for about 5 months.  I am sorry I did because I saw a dramatic drop in muscle tone in his topline and the rest of his body.  I then went to put him back on the pergolide and it has been a battle with the pergolide veil to get him up to the 2 mgs he was on previously.  The uveitis cleared up, but I am sure it wasn't because of the prascend.

Pam in Va
Frosty cushings/Butters IR/Story IR/Shaqiraj (healthy yea)

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