Side Effects of Prascend (pill form of pergolide)


 On July 3 I started my mare on Prascend (sp?) at 1mg per day.  By day 6, she was showing signs of inappetence.  I chatted with my vet and we agreed to drop her down to 1 mg every 3rd day until she got used to the dose and then gradually increase it.


On Saturday evening (5pm), I gave her another dose after 2 days of no meds and she coliced pretty bad Sunday.  I gave her some bute to help settle her tummy. 


On Saturday morning I noticed she had diarhea and I noticed the same from Sunday morning.


From my reading and discussions with the emergency vet, that while rate, pergolide/prascend can cause diahrea and colic.


My question is this - Once a horse colics on the meds, if you continue to treat, will the horse continue to colic and will it get worse over time?


In my mind, I am thinking the risk of laminitis is not as bad as risking a bad bout of colic.


Anyone experience this?


Thanks in advance.


Marion Buntyn

Bennett, Colorado

May 2014

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