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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Ruth,

This is the second time I'm trying to reply  - hope Neo lets it post.

Agree completely with Eva on the possible issues with the samples being thawed and the time lapses between sending and receipt of the samples. This calls all the results into question as these are issues that could result in the actual numbers being higher than the tests would indicate.

The most recent testing shows all the values have gone up from when the tests were done in Feb, which is troubling. The Leptin stayed about the same. Both sets of numbers calculate that Bounce is technically not IR, which is great, but as there is some question about the handling of the samples it would make sense to be cautious. The Leptin  value says he is IR at baseline, which means that his work load and diet are the only things keeping him from becoming overtly IR and at risk for more laminitis. This is no surprise as he is a Lippitt Morgan.

The Brooks Un-Ti is not a suitable feed for him. It has an extremely high fat content of 10% (yikes!) that is of the wrong type and protein on the high side at 12%. Cannot seem to find an actual ingredient list for it, however. Better choices would be Ontario Dehy Balanced Timothy Cubes, soy hull pellets or r/s/r beet pulp as carriers for his supplements. He doesn't need 3.5lbs of a hard feed, esp of this type. Also needs at least 2 TBS of iodized salt daily and minerals properly balanced to the major portion of his diet - his hay.

The stretched lamina means that there has been an assault to the tissues that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone. This connection point is probably wider than it should be. The new hoof wall growing in directly below the coronary band may be coming in at a steeper angle than the older growth down below. It would point to here having been some rotation/founder occurring. The trim needs to address this if it exists. Can't be more specific without seeing current hoof pics.

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