Re: Help! Romifidine as sedative?

Nancy C

Hi Caryn

It sure looks like a slightly different version of sedivet. One of the side effects is decrease in gastric emptying and possible mild colic. I don't know for sure if you should be panicked.  Did not see insulin/glucose values in your CH.

If this were my very IR gelding, I'd be thinking about the following:

Tighten Magnesium and Calcium ratio.

Make sure he's drinking well and pooping.  Probably add more salt.

If he's not been trimmed in the last week, call farrier/trimmer to have that done.  Pull the shoes if he's in them.  You want to give him no where to go if he does get laminitis.  Put him in boots and pads for the time being.

If his feet are HOT then ice him.

Hand walk him.

Try to keep breathing.

Nancy C in NH
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My horse broke a canine and had to have it looked at, I researched and researched and told her the sedatives he could not have xylazine and sedivet but so she gave him romifidine.

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