Re: Requirements for ACTH Testing?

ferne fedeli

His Leptin wasn't borderline low, it was borderline high.  the range is 1-4 and he was 4...
Ferne Fedeli
No. California

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> Mercy! Good thing I'm skipping Glucose. I'm just doing ACTH,
> Insulin & Leptin... My guy has consistently higher insulin than he
> should, but the Leptin has been within limits the last couple of
> times (barely). Ferne Fedeli No. California 4/2010

Ferne, I think be glad his leptin isn't too low. Beau's is very low and
I guess he thinks he is full and I have serious problems getting him to
eat at all. I can't find his last reading, it's here somewhere but I
think his leptin level was 2.something....can't remember the numbers of
something, maybe like 72. Will try to find the last blood report.

Elva and angel Satin
Beau and Whiskey

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