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Thank you so much for your offer to look at more pics of Amelia's hooves. 
The vet is coming tomorrow to take x-rays.  The IR results combined with the x-rays should give a good idea of what is *really* going on.

I posted pics I took today. My husband mislabled the hooves - he labeled the hooves backwards.. LF = "our" LF, Amelia's RF. Sorry, he barely knows which end eats and which end kicks.
Also, the one "confirmation" pic is from last year July.  The current trimmer began in November 2013. I included that picture as a baseline. BTW.. yes, she really is an OTTB, I know she is "built like a warmblood" but she came right off Penn racetrack.

I tapped the hoof and could not distinguish any "hollow" sound from a "solid" sound. Could be I'm not experienced enough but I could not discern a difference.

A bit of background.  Off the track her feet were a mess and she couldn't hold a shoe. She is also unbalanced (though less now) with her right hoof flared and larger and her left hoof smaller and more upright.  I have been working on that under saddle and she has come a long way. 

I pulled her shoes in August 2012 (5 months after purchasing her) to let her feet rest and never went back to shoes. She was doing well with a pasture trim but after doing some research decided she should be trimmed by a barefoot trimmer. Beginning November 2013, a trimmer (with rave reviews) began trimming Amelia, following the Pete Ramey style trimming. She was doing great until May (we even jumped barefoot) when Amelia abscessed on her right fore.  2 weeks after that abscess broke she abscessed on the left fore.  She was getting better (just a little ouchy) and she was trimmed and went totally sore on both fronts. That was 4 weeks ago.  My trimmer feels Amelia has laminitis and suggested this website.  Friday she was trimmed again and immediately went sore on both fronts again, though much less ouchy as after the trim 4 weeks ago. (the June pics).

My trimmer is not aggressive. She shows where the "toe wants to be" and it is quite far back and is getting there slowly. I'm wondering if the toe trim is making Amelia sore?  I know she doesn't touch the heels. Also, the toe callus on Amellia's LF just recently let loose and is gone!

I read that when the abscess breaks through the coronet it can cause the laminea to loosen. So.. is this laminitis due to the abscesses or are the abscesses due to laminitis? I guess that is the million $$ question.

Thank You for your support and understanding,  it really helps. Especially since Amelia is the only barefoot horse at the stable.

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Hi Melodie,

This isn't your fault and Amelia is lucky to have you as such a caring owner so no more self-flagellation - OK :) . You have very good instincts, which is a huge plus for your girl. It is highly likely you "inherited" these issues as they are common in the TB racing world and also the broodmare scene. We see them here on an almost daily basis. What matters is that the issues have been identified and that you are working to clarify and correct them.

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Oh My,  this is very disturbing. I felt something was wrong this past trim (2 days ago) as this is the second time she is very sore AFTER the trim.  I feel terrible thinking I have hurt my poor horse, I love her so.... I took her off the track at just-turned-5 and have taken the "slow route" building her confidence and trust

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