Re: Is this low grade laminitis

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melodie,

Thanks for the additional pics. As the vet is coming tomorrow for the xrays, will wait until you have a chance to upload those as well so that we have all the info in hand before making recommendations.

Your hubby sounds an awful lot like mine :) As long as the labels are consistent it's fine.

Good that there is no hollow sound - it's pretty unmistakable when it's there.

While they can quite painful and awful to watch, abscesses are the body's way of expelling nasty stuff that shouldn't be where it is. They are a form of clean-up crew. It can be necrotic tissue, foreign objects, collections of bacteria. Generally, they will follow the path of least resistance so exits thru the coronary band and heel bulbs are common. It is quite possible that there were collections of material sitting within Amelia's feet from before you got her that are now being mobilized because her hoof form is moving in a better direction. Better hoof form will allow her to move more correctly and use her feet in a different, more beneficial way and this movement causes the hidden secretions to be pushed to the outside (a good thing).

What let loose from sole of the LF was probably not toe callus but compressed, exfoliating dead sole that had run forward conveyor-belt style as the toes shot out in front of where they should have been. As the trim has shortened the toes back, this excess material also came loose. Toe callus is dense, thickened sole formed under the leading edge of the coffin bone as protection. It doesn't form until the toe length is correct.

Can you please take a moment more before hitting send to delete most of the post you are replying to. It helps keep messages from becoming reams of repeat info that buries the current questions. Makes the lives of people on digest and of your volunteers infinitely easier. Appreciate your help with this.

You're doing a great job. Don't forget to breathe (exhale too).

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