Re: Is this low grade laminitis?


2 weeks after that abscess broke she abscessed on the left fore.  She was getting better (just a little ouchy) and she was trimmed and went totally sore on both fronts. That was 4 weeks ago.  My trimmer feels Amelia has laminitis and suggested this website.  Friday she was trimmed again and immediately went sore on both fronts again, though much less ouchy as after the trim 4 weeks ago. (the June pics).

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Lavinia is having neo problems so will pop in in case she's having a meaningful discussion with her computer...

My trimmer is not aggressive. She shows where the "toe wants to be" and it is quite far back and is getting there slowly. I'm wondering if the toe trim is making Amelia sore?  I know she doesn't touch the heels.

 Unless Amelia is dealing with Lyme, it is highly unlikely she has laminitis.  Highly unlikely...regardless of an abscess track up through the coronet band.  Even that should cause minimal damage that would easily be able to repair itself.  Suspect the abscesses may be due to the bad form you describe finally getting under control, so the feet have been able to start cleaning  up after whatever happened on the track.

It will be good to see the x-rays.  Strongly suspect she has some descent, based on what the hoof capsules look like, her history, and her current symptoms.  So very, very common.  And if that's the case, the x-rays are the best investment you can make.   That will really dictate what should and should not be done as far as the trim.  Main thing is to keep her comfy, with boots/pads or casts, or similar.

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