Hi everyone,
I'm sorry, I am having a problem updating my folder. There is something going on with my computer.
Sedona Daisy was formally diagnosed with cushings in 2013. She is on Stabul 1 plus and timothy balance cubes, is not apparently IR and no laminitis so far. Glossy coat with some guard hairs, good weight. Her most recent ACTH (results in yesterday) is 77 with high end of normal at 35. Results are from cornell. Last October she was 95.7, normal range 35, also from cornell, but I was assured that 3x normal was the range for seasonal rise.
She is on 1 mg compounded pergolide. BUT I have had a lot of trouble with the boarding barn - there have been many times I have caught them not giving her her medication, a couple of times for a full week while I was out of town. This is not the only boarding barn I have had such issues with. I am looking around for somewhere new and am going out every day to feed it myself (this is not a long term solution because I have a lot of out-of-state travel for work), but in the meantime I am not completely certain whether the high reading could possibly be explained by the lax boarding barn or if she needs a higher dose. She seems to have been getting it about 6 days a week or so (I know).
Vet recommends increasing from 1 mg to 1.5. Does anyone have any thoughts?
Thank you in advance for your help and advice!!
Larina Alton
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