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Yes, I know the barn is being negligent! I am very upset. And yes - I'm an attorney, I know I could take legal action but all I really want is to know my girl is getting the care she needs. I have appointments at two new barns to take a look at alternatives today and tomorrow.
Is going up by .5 dose quite a large step, or is that normal given how badly her PPID is apparently progressing? Is there any reason to try a lower step up to 1.25 or should I just go for it? Her mood seems ok. I heard from someone at the barn that it is about 1x a week that she is not getting her medication for the last three weeks, so while that is bad I am not sure it's enough to have her bloodwork this far out of whack. The progression may be due to some earlier lapses in Febrary and March, when I came back from out-of-state work trips to find that she had not been given the pergolide for the entire week I was out of town! Both times I said it was medically dangerous and that it was a risk to my horse's life and was told it would be taken care of. Good gracious, I could rant.  I have been so upset, but her weight was good, coat glossy, and she seemed happy and horse barns are hard to find so I was hoping not to have to move.
She had normal insulin in October 2013 (non-fasting, should be in her medical history but I still can't access the folder for some reason) and when I tested it in April 2012. Neither test was taken fasting. I did not get that re-tested, just the ACTH.
Thank you!!!!
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