Re: ACTH - glucose and leptin

Gayel Ambrose <gayel@...>


Thank you for the reply, sorry I forgot about adding the link to my e mail.

You mentioned the Leptin was not listed on history but I checked and Leptin was there, but glucose was missing.  I have added that.  The test was done in February.  You said to feed him his hay as usual, but did not mention his morning grain feeding.  I do still give him that as normal, right?  The vet draws blood about 1-1/2 hours after he is fed.  

I put him on Prascend and he did so badly on it that I took him off.  At 30 yrs old I would rather have a happy horse than worry about numbers.  He lost so much weight and was so lethargic and depressed I could not leave him on it.  I am thinking of trying again with just 1/4 of a 1mg pill and see how he does.

We are still working on his top line, which was great until we started the medication.  I left him on it for about 2 months.  He is back to doing wonderful work in the arena and on the trail, trotting and cantering and no lethargy now, very bright eyed and happy.  He has been getting acupuncture for Cushings and seeing improvements.  He never had a long curly, shaggy coat, but just a little denser than other horses.  He mostly shed out on his own this year and I have gone over 3 months without clipping him which I cannot remember how many years it has been since that happened.  I usually clip every 4 or 5 weeks even in the winter.

I kind of wanted to try him on 1/4 Prascend for a while before we do the test again, but it will be August shortly and did not know if that was too late and I should try and retest yet in July.

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