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Ellen -

Once I started to work on a markup, I got a little confused.  Well, more than usual.

It appears there is a pad, which makes sense.  Also appears to be wedged, but that might be due to compression from her landing so far forward.  My BIG concern is if this is a rim pad.  If it is, it may also be part of the reason she was walking much better in the soft-rides.  The SRs support the sole of the foot.  A rim pad cushions the walls, but allows the sole/frog area to move up and down within the capsule, like a piston.

Granted, it may be a millimeter or two of natural motion, but in a horse with damaged laminar attachments, and frank wall/lamina damage from those abscesses, it could be devastating,

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Anyway, the markups suggest what I think are issues - palmar angles too high, causing a broken forward axis on both feet, right in particular.  I would definitely lower the palmar angles from the yellow to the orange by trimming the heels at the blue.  Yellow arrows show what should be the resulting correction of the bony alignment.

Also, if a pad is used, would go for a flat pad and not wedged.  Current configuration appears to be a wedge pad.  The wedge configuration is contributing to the broken forward axis. And would definitely add packing between a full pad and sole/frog.

Green is the excess heel extending out back of her foot.  As she attempts to land on her heels, this green area pushes that landing more forward.  Some therapeutic appliances actually have the heel beveled forward so that the heel landing is not impeded.

You had previously asked about Phyto-Quench helping with pain.  Am leaping to the assumption this may be part of the reason Emmie is comfortable.

And, with the new sole depth compared to several months ago, you might want to see how the SRs work now...which would allow for frequent trims to ensure those heels don't creep up and change the alignment of the bony column.


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