Re: Magnesium oxide

Nancy C

Hi Beth

You want to feed based on your hay analysis.  I'm guessing you haven't gotten there yet, so the emergency diet calls for the following:

Magnesium 1.5 grams/day per 500 lbs body weight (only as a short term
measure until hay analysis can confirm if it is actually needed or not, and how
much). Can use human supplement, or get feed grade magnesium oxide from a
feed mill – 1/2 teaspoon magnesium oxide provides approximately 1.5 grams

This is a bare minimum amount to  cover frank deficiency with out upsetting the balance of of unknown hay. 

Make sure you read the full document about the emergency diet and it's components, found in this file folder. It is designed to be used short term only.!!!/Basic%20Nutritional%20Needs/


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I've been searching the conversations & table of contents but haven't been able to find out how much to feed.

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