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This is the shoe Emmie has on.  East Coast Horseshoe Supply Sound Horse Morrison Roller Motion (Black) Kit - Without Adhesive I found the most information on this shoe at but their web page is down right now. 


I would very much like to get her out of them and you are already helping me to be able to talk with my vet and farrier.  Thanks for the Mark Ups! Thank you. Thank you!

I am sure they put Soft Equipac at the toe and harder Equipac at the heel. I have told my vet for weeks now I think she is getting too much from the Equipac but she disagrees.  

I am not sure if there is an additional wedge in the shoes.  Maybe you can tell now that you know that she has the Morrison Roller Motion shoe on. 

What are SRs?

We have had good success with Phyto Quench and we have had to do some other things some of the time because the Wind Up Pain has been a challenge for Emmie.  A lot of changing and trying different things at different times.  This vet is doing some acupuncture on Emmie and we have recently started some Chinese Herbs that seem to be providing some support as well. 

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