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Nancy C

Hi Marilyn

I assume you are feeding chia for Omega 3 and 6s. The group recommendation is to feed flax for omegas at 2 - 4 ounces for an average size horse - 1000 pounds. The emergency diet says 2 ounces.  I'll leave the math per 100 pounds to you.

There is a comparison chart in the files that shows the how Flax, Chia, Rice Bran, BOSS, hemp, and split peas compare in various areas.

You may know this already but for others following along, the group recommends flax because it most closely matches the omega ratios found in fresh grass.  It is also less expensive than chia.

There is info about flax and phytoestrogens going around in at least one barefoot area that is not correct. Here are some posts to back this up.


The phytoestrogens in flax do not stimulate estrogen receptors and are actually antiestrogen.  For example, flax can partially block the estrogen effect of soy.
Studies are cited in the links listed above. 

A very few number of horses have been reported as being allergic to flax and the use of flax oil has been successful. There are no pyhtoestrogens in oils.

Long answer and you still need to do the math!  Sorry.  Just wanted to cover all the bases on this one.

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