slightly off topic.. anyone heard of ' Hops " in horses?



This may be a slight rant , I have been attempting to help a friend who has had trouble with her mare for over a year now, she is a 4 year old paint.

her symptoms : cresty neck, fat pads, over weight, trips easily, unwilling to move, sore hind end often very contracted hindquarter muscles. lays down alot..

What the vet has done so far, tested for EPM , Epsm, and all the other acronym disorders, bone cancer, all other muscle disorders, done biopsies, blood work cbc, but not insulin ( glucose was high) ...tested for OCD in hocks, untasound hips , back, shoulders.. you name it she has spent thousands of dollars on this horse...

My friend does ask for my help, I do give her gentle suggestions, like take her off her senior feed.-- vets suggestion for the fat to treat the EPM  the vet also told her she need low sugar hay, ALONG WITH THE SENIOR..???? i have given her some Mag ox and the name of my hay supplier, but of course when it comes to fully going onto a IR diet she defers to what the vet has said.

I was at the vet with her when the biopsy results ( second ones) came back nothing wrong and got a glimpse of her glucose, ( no insulin) which was high , so i gently suggested to the vet she was Insulin resistant, to which she responded," yes she could be slightly", she is on aspirin, no exercise, no turnout, hand walking 10 minutes, lives in her dark stall all day every day...

I got a call from my friend that the Vet has a diagnosis finally, its a rare disease, discovered by some Swedish veterinarian, called 'Hops" it basically means her horse uses her hind muscles more and causes the tying up of her hind end....if she can handle walking with out the hind end contractions then do so, the horse will never be sound to ride ....

Why this is a rant... this is the vet I have been using, she is close by the farm where horses are kept. is why i switched,, but the more I see her and her working with this horse ( and her lack of education concerning mine), the more I am losing any confidence in her, besides the ' discussions' I had with her over my horses care, , what to feed pony, weather pony was fixable etc..she always yields to my wishes, I admit it would be hard not to yield to me, I can be a formidable foe, when it comes to caring for my horses, or children.. meaning I will stand my ground...

I am helping this horse best I can , with out stepping on toes, ( the friend is my BO. and my daughters landlord) but I really think what this horse has had forever is low grade laminitis...and is probably off the charts in ratios,...

has anyone ever heard of this 'hops' disorder in horses.  I am really really bugged by all this vet has put this horse and owner through and its driving me crazy and getting hard to keep my mouth shut...I just want to take her and shake her until she ' gets it" 

but i could be wrong, I have had a hard time just ignoring this horses obvious discomfort,

IS there such a thing as this "hops" in horses..???

I know this is not actually  appropriate to post on here, but I have been screaming inside for almost a year and need someone to hear me..or tell me I am wrong in my suspicions..or give suggestions , I have printed the IR pages out , for horse owner, she boo hoo it and listens to the vet, I think she likes having a 'sick ' horse for all the attention.... I dunno I am just irritated by it all, anyone have any similar experiences with friends? and do you just walk away? 

I am seriously so annoyed I might stop using this VET.


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