Re: slightly off topic.. anyone heard of ' Hops " in horses?

Lorna Cane

>This may be a slight rant , I have been attempting to help a friend who has had trouble with her mare for over a year now, she is a 4 year old paint.

her symptoms : cresty neck, fat pads, over weight, trips easily, unwilling to move, sore hind end often very contracted hindquarter muscles. lays down alot..

Hi Julie,

From the rest of your message,and what you have said above, my thought would be that her front feet are sore,and her hind end is also sore trying to get weight off the sore front end.(I think that's what you're thinking,too)

Glucose isn't generally high with insulin resistance,but not knowing the glucose doesn't help us.High glucose(what do you mean by *high*?) usually points to diabetes in horses.Not that common, but I have one.

Since this has been going on so long, and since the mare is no better, and since your friend hasn't tried what you have to suggest as a complete program, isn't there a wee chance she would humour you and just give it a go,just in case it could help this poor mare?

I can't see it hurting her.

Maybe she ,in turn,could get her vet to humour her,if she defers to her in spite of the long unsuccessful history with this horse.

Good luck.Good for you trying to help!

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
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