Pony in Oregons hoof pics


Hello helpful people,

I finally got pony's latest hoof pics up, they are kinda of a mess, I am pretty sure what  needs to be done, but am not confident enough to do it...I   would like some mark ups to give to the farrier along with any instructions. I have rasped her a bit about 3-4 weeks ago or so before my mother was sick and passed..

I included a front shot so you can see that she is standing a little pidgin toed, this is new for her, as well as a full body shot to show how great she looks these days, the pergolide really helped improve her coat, she is pot bellied but she is 34 and I haven't been able to exercise her much due to the heat as well as my family stresses at this time..

Thanks to all for your helps and encouragements in all things equine.


Oregon 06

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