Re: slightly off topic.. anyone heard of ' Hops " in horses?


Hey Kathleen !!
nice to 'see' you too, I think of you here and there especially when I hear something about Branson MO. ..

I will keep tying for the mares sake, I really think this gal loves the attention she gets for having a 'special case' horse, I have mentioned low grade laminitis-- oh I dunno about a thousand times and get shot down every time, vet says hoof testers show nothing , her trimmer says her feet are fine , tho after her trim on Monday the next day she was lame in both fronts, and laying down again. BIG SIGH... 

This is the same Debby downer who was giving me grief that my Pony was a goner back in February, when she foundered, I also suspect that even tho pony was on strict feed guidelines would still give her ' little ' treats, needless to say we moved pony out of harms way..=== saying all that to say this...

she is 100% vet believing even tho I have pointed out that vets are great for medical things, but often miss the boat on nutrition..and more often miss the boat on lameness....I will keep trying in about a week when her poor horse is again lame, after another abscess, even tho she never goes outside to get any kind of injury to cause such..

again nice to here from you...pony is still going strong, Kayla is now PPID , Richie is 7!!! 
Oregon, 06

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Hi Julie - long time! Nice to see you, but not under these circumstances.
Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
December 2005
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