ACTH Testing ?

Kathy Brinkerhoff

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A friend and fellow Board member is having  Neo issues and asked me to post the following question for her. 

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Kathy Brinkerhoff

SE/WI 10/07

Gelding, 15 years old, draft/shire
Ulysses was tested for ACTH/Insulin/Glucose/Leptin  December 5, 2013.
According to the IR calculator he is IR...Intermediate
Compensated IR, laminitis risk
RISQI 0.31
MIRG 6.47
His labs were:
ACTH  29.2 pg/ml
Insulin 10.69 ulU/ml (can't quite read the letters. Numbers clear)
Glucose 82
Leptin 5.04 ng/ml
My question is...If his ACTH was 29.2 in December should I be doing/watching/whatever something as the seasonal rise is beginning or after it has started or at the height of the seasonal rise?  I do not have the resources to test every time I need to.  And if I really need to test probably could only afford one time for a check. Of course if the check came back positive I would scramble around to do a second check after he is on meds.
Donna Powell
Beaufort, SC

ECIR May 2011

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