Re: slightly off topic.. anyone heard of ' Hops " in horses?


Hi Nancy,

just a quick answer for you is yes, she had the biopsy and the DNA test all came back negative, the vet still has her on the high VIT  E dosing, but nothing about selenium, so she is just getting the 2mg in the cal trace which is minimal, as she is feeding the same hay as me and it tested very low in selenium. 

I will go with the idea of trying for getting an insulin test and see if they will test her selenium levels also   ==,hopefully my friend will consider this..I hope we can find out what is wrong with this horse, she is related to my IR/PPID mare not closely but have the same Paint lines...

sorry for the off topicness....moderators thanks for indulging me..


and pony in Oregon


??????????At the risk of making the mods unhappy,  I am wondering if the paint mare has PSSM (aka EPSM) from low selenium plus  IR as evidenced from the fat pads, crest, etc? Has she been tested for PSSM with a muscle biopsy and DNA plus selenium and vit E levels? 

The paint mare could have PSSM partially masked by the a)  large amounts of vit E she is receiving and b) small amounts of selenium in the California Trace PLUS being insulin resistant with laminitis. 

Here is some info on PSSM/EPSM (Dr Kellon is quoted in it and a low sugar/starch diet is recommended too):

And here is a link to Dr Valberg's web site.  Muscle biopsy and DNA analysis go to her:

I may be totally off base with this, but having walked this path the story of the paint looked so familiar to me.  I hope this helps in some way. 


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