Shawnee Relapse



I joined the group about a year ago and by November/ December he was running and bucking and feeling great. All winter and into the spring he was out on pasture for 2 to 3 hours a day with a best friends  grazing  muzzle. He seemed to be able to tolerate it. His only lameness was from an abscess that he had in early April of this year. I began to let him graze without the grazing muzzle starting him at 1/2 hour a day and had him up to 3 hours a day. He was still running and bucking and playing. I was lightly riding him. On his last  trim.. he immediately stopped running and playing, but was still walking soundly. A couple of weeks passed and he was dead lame again. Seemed to be only in his right front. At first we thought it might be an abscess, but now I am 100% sure that he is having another bout of laminitis. I have his hay balanced etc... and have his soft rides on. I have not given him bute and have taken him off of the Jherb.

Should I have xrays and bloodwork done again to see where he is at? Should I post new hoof pics to see if my farrier is trimming him properly? Do I make any changes to his balanced diet?

Thank you for you help.

Melanie and Shawnee

August 2013 Oregon

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