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Nancy C

Oh I couldn't agree more! Thank you so much Joan for the confirmation and instruction for folks like me who don't have the units of measurement nailed down as well as you and Lars.  As I have stated, I was inaccurate in my one-third speculation and the use of  the link  to figure out how to configure mg vs IU.

Let me ask again, perhaps you have a good conversion link for us?

To the original question as previously stated, my point, although not made as clearly as possible, was that the product in question was not a good delivery of the amounts needed. I was as accurate as I could be at the time but thank you for your observation.

Again, the resulting conversation brought us full circle: rule of thumb recommendation for Vit E is 500 IU per 250 lb of body weight. Please see emergency diet.

Thanks again Joan.  As I said to Lars, I always appreciate being kept honest for the benefit of our members.

Look forward to seeing you more often.

Nancy C in NH
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I also think that it's very important that when we make recommendations on the list, that we attempt to be as accurate as possible. At that point, the horse owner can make up their own mind as to their course of action, based on accurate information.

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