Re: slightly off topic.. anyone heard of ' Hops " in horses?


Just wanted to post one last time on this offtopicness,

did talk to  my Bo / friend about her horse and the possibility of sub-clinical laminitis, and looking at her insulin,etc, explained about insulin/glucose ratios, maybe testing her selinium levels, and what sub-clinical meant....and was met with a firm " No No No its not her feet her feet are fine, Vet says nothing wrong with her feet, but today its her hips, they are stiff and hot, and all blood  work came back fine"

 I explained that her hips  could be from her keeping her weight off her front feet due to underlying pain.." NO her feet are good, but after her trim on Monday she came of off on her left side the  vet noticed" !!!!,   
 (  incidentally she had a bone scan done on hips  two months ago as well as ultrasound and a huge needle injection of Legend or something similar, nothing was found amiss--- she also had the test where you exersise them and then take some blood or muscle tissue or something)

Is there such thing as Muncheons syndrome by proxy equine? .

..I guess I could address it with the vet next time I see her...but just don't feel like it anymore, will just shrug it off and go about my life.

anyway I am done worrying about it, i will just pet the pretty mare on the head and tell her I am sorry, or try not to go up to the big barn at all....

Thanks again moderators for indulging my need to vent....

irritated in Oregon.

>>>>just a quick answer for you is yes, she had the biopsy and the DNA test all came back negative, the vet 

>>>>The paint mare could have PSSM partially masked by the a)  large amounts of vit E she is receiving and b) small amounts of selenium in the California Trace PLUS being insulin resistant with laminitis. 


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