Re: Here is an odd ball question regarding lumps and bumps




I will post the resuts as soon as they come in.  I have been doing some homework on my own and the only thing that fits the hard lump is a case of Osteomyositis.   I understand that it is a result from a type of injury in the muscle and the body's immune response to the injury.  Considering the location, I would guess that it formed after one of the times I vaccinated her in that area.


So - If that's the case, more than likely its benign and nothing to worry about since it causes her no pain.


Now the part I can't find any information on is the Lipoma like mass that formed above the spot where the osteomyositis formed.  That is peculiar.  Just under the skin, the mass had a white jelly like quality to it and reminded me of fat tissue. 


Just guessing here - the lipoma like mass is about 4 inches in diameter and the osteo lump a little bigger than an American quarter.


One on top of the other and not connected.  My vet could insert her finger between the 2 masses as she collected samples from each.


Other than that - I am reaching until we get the lab results back.  I hate waiting!

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