Re: Anhidrosis and One AC


I'm sorry, I do know what the instructions say. I guess my question is not very clear. 

After using One AC for a while, it appears to me that it leaves their system in a short time. If I give my horse the daily dose in the afternoon the day before I take her on a trail ride in the morning, she doesn't sweat very much on the ride. If I give her a dose of it a couple of hours before I take her on a trail ride, she sweats much more.

So, my question was whether I needed to give it to her on a daily basis so she has some in her system all the time in order for it to work or if I could just give it to her on the days that I am going to ride her or if it's especially hot and I want to make sure she doesn't get stressed.

I have read where people don't use it in the winter, but, living in Southern CA, I need it year round for riding.

The instructions make it sound like it needs to be given on a daily basis, but, I didn't know if that was just for marketing or not.  I don't really know what the ingredients do and how it works over all.

It's not that big of a deal to give it daily and then make sure I give her a dose before we ride, but, it's expensive and I just wondered if I could cut back on giving it daily.

Kim and Nanna
Southern CA

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