Re: Anhidrosis and One AC


Hi, Kim. I have a 21 yo PPID mare who barely sweats except between the hind legs. She is not in work but is clearly heat intolerant, hiding from the sun all day. I give her 1 AC 2X daily whenever temps are above about 73. During the winter, I give it daily because I sometimes blanket. I've observed its effects are short lived, maybe 12 hrs. One AC allows her to feel very slightly damp in high temps. 

Cass for Satra
Oct 12
Sonoma County, Calif

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My IR Icelandic horse has anhidrosis and I've been giving her One AC. It does help her sweat, but, I have discovered when I ride her that she sweats the best  if I've given her the One AC a couple of hours before we go for a ride.

Does anyone know if you can give One AC on an "as needed" basis, or is it best for some reason to give it daily on a regular schedule. For the most part, it's not too hot where I live in San Diego County and she doesn't seem to really need it if I'm not riding her that day.

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