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Hi Jennifer,

I have seen this in German hay before, with even higher manganese. Around 600, after retest still above 500. Couldn't hurt to ask for a retest of the managnese before you start balancing to it, but working with 305 should be pretty do-able.

I've also had tests of Dutch grass that came in with around 200ppm manganese and about 100 iron.

The iron will fall below the 4 in the 4: 1: 3: 3 ratio but that is ok, certainly if you usually have high iron. 

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Hello there,

I'm wondering if I need to retest my hay. In your opinion, is 305mg manganese very high? Should I suspect surface contamination?

I was so happy when I saw the low iron (very rare here in our area, only 78mg), but then I saw the manganese. :/

Jennifer in Germany

Laramie July 2011

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