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Thanks, Lavinia. Sorry, I should have figured that out. 
If he is actually compensated IR, then that 45 minutes of grass in the morning is probably not safe either...  Is testing the ACTH in August too early? I don't want to wait until September to get the IR blood work done.  
Well, one good thing, I already have one IR horse (Cory), so my horse care routine is not going to change much.  Onyx will have to wear a blocked muzzle as well, poor guy!  I hope Onyx can safely eat the 10.3% s/s hay that Cory cannot, otherwise I will be back to soaking hay as I still have two tons of that hay and he will not touch Cory's 6% s/s hay, ever!
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Hi Paula,

Just because the numbers fall within the lab's normal ranges does not mean things are fine. Normal does not necessarily equal healthy/fine. If it is in the finances, I would definitely suggest rechecking the ACTH in Sept. Need to get insulin/glucose/leptin to be able to see the whole picture rather than just a part of it. The relationship of the insulin to the glucose is an important puzzle piece and the leptin tells you more about what Onyx's baseline metabolism is.

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