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Mandy Woods

Hi Suzanne,
What a mess you came home to!
Hopefully we can help you.   I would have a 14 yo tested for ACTH,  Insulin/Glucose/Leptin on  NON fasting.   At his age he could have Cushings starting.  We are going into the seasonal rise now.   If he is over the lab normal you should start him on pergolide at least  through December.
Here’s the link you’re looking for.     Scroll down to Insulin/Glucose.   We have added the Leptin test which is more sensitive.   Cornell bundles these tests,  ACTH, I/G and Leptin.    Your vet can also order shipping labels from Cornell to help with the cost of overnight air.  Please use Cornell.  They are the most consistant lab for this work.
   I would feed low s/s hay or soaked hay the night before and the morning of the test.  No bucket feed.   Just before the vet was to arrive I”d rake up the hay.     Horses are not made to fast.  You will get a false low value on an empty stomach.   You want to see how his body handles low s/s.   Tweaking his diet will become more important.   Like no grazing!   No grains! etc.
What you could do right now to help us is join the ECH8 group and fill out the questionnaire.  This paints a broader picture for the volunteers to help you faster.   It takes a minute to join but a few more to figure out the details in the questionnaire! 
Here’s the link:
Our philosophy is DDT/E.  That’s DIAGNOSIS,  DIET,  TRIM AND EXERCISE.
You are working on your bloodwork.  Send us the results when you get them.   Get a hard copy of the results from your vet.
Cushings is treated  with pergolide.  It is supported by the DIET.   Insulin Resistance is managed by DIET.   You should start the Temporary Emergency DIET today.  Soak his hay for one hour in cold water.  Pour off the water where he cant get to it.  Feed him 4 small meals a day to keep food going through his system.  Weigh the hay dry. Feed him 1.5% to 2% his body weight a day in dry hay.  Starvation diets backfire on the horse.   Don’t try it.  Read the ER DIET in the Start Here file and at     NO pasture.  NO grains.  NO apples, carrots, treats, red salt blocks, commercial feeds or supplements.  The ER minerals can be purchased at Walmart.  So can a hanging scale in the sports department!   Put him in a drylot or muzzle him taping the holes shut if needed.
TRIM is a balanced foot with heels lowered and toes backed.  There is place in ECH8 to post your xrays and photos of his feet.  I’llsend a link to taking good foot photos.  Boots and pads.  Soft Rides are the best rehab boot.  Bed him deeply in sawdust so he can ball it up to suit himself. 
EXERCISE.  Never force a laminitic horse to move.  DO NOT RIDE him.   IF he’s willing to walk at liberty,  taking him for a short walk with no tight turns or pivoting will help his mind and body.  No lunging.    Plan on one year of this care.   You will need to grow out a new hoof or two. 
You have a great understanding of what happened and what comes next.   Keep us posted.   Ask questions.   
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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