Re: Possible early PPID symptoms

Nancy C

Hi Paula

Your numbers from April show an elevated insulin that I would be concerned about.  If it was very cold that day it could also have raised his insulin. His goopy eyes are a symptom of IR and of PPID.  Your ACTH is high normal. He my or may not be PPID.

Both my horses - one metabolic, one not - took forever to shed out this year. 

If you can, I would get combined ACTH, leptin, insulin ($60.00 Cornell cost last time I checked) and serum glucose ($8.00 last time I checked) Make sure you do not test him fasted.  It will skew results.

Other ideas as for loosing weight:  If he was not gettingenough hay, well, he'd loose weight.  He may like this new hay better because of the taste.  Is it higher in sugar or starch than the last batch?  Fiber content - ADF and NDF - could also affect his wanting to eat the old hay, if it was later cut and more stemmy.

Assume he is dewormed regularly and his teeth are up to snuff.

When you next do your minerals I would make sure your CA:Mag and trace mineral ratios are nice and tight.

It's good you are working him. If you have no foot symptoms, no rings, nice tight trim and growth, I would enjoy the rest of the summer and test late August or so.

Nancy C in NH
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