Jane Hewitt

Hi All:
My horse Lad needs to have his pergolide dosage increased due to the fact that his ACTH just came back at 247, this past May it was 35.3. I'm just concerned with the start of the seasonal rise and it's this high right now. We will be slowly increasing to the following; he's on 2.5mg right now. First week will be 3.5mg, next 11 days 4.5mg, for 30 days 5mg and recheck ATCH after the thirty days. Lad is 33 years old and has had Cushing;s since 2000, to date I've never had any issues with laminitis/founder as I've followed the group's diet and recommendations to a tee. Just wanted to see what other member's had to say.
Thank you,
Jane Hewitt in North Reading, MA
Sept 2000


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