Re: Lumps on my mare biopsied and inconclusive results

Lorna Cane

Marion,I can't remember your CH link, but didn't I see that the ACTH was somewhere in the 400 range?
Which lab was that?

Just asking because if it were me, and there weren't extenuating circs., I would want to be getting beyond 1 mg of pergolide as soon as I could.

Not sure what you mean by 'increasing dosage by 1/8 gram........' Probably you meant 1/8 mg?
Are you diluting tab in water and breaking down the liquid amount in syringe to get these small amount in?

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>Bahj is getting 1/2 tablet or 0.5 mg of pergolide at present.  By August 18, she should be on the full >1 mg tablet once per day.  I am increasing dosage 1/8th of a gram every 4 days.


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