Paperwork for equi-analytical and help finding minerals to supplement


I'm preparing a sample to send to equi-analytical for mineral analysis, but have some trouble finding my way in the papermill to get to ship it into the US. Is there possibly a step by step guide somewhere I couldn't find? 

I'm also wondering where to get the minerals I will need to balance the hay (when I get the results from EA). Single minerals like copper and zinc seem impossible to come by locally, and shipping costs a fortune if I were to buy from Uckele or other manufacturers in USA. I'm located in Norway. 

I have come by cheap minerals on ebay:

1Kg Zinc Oxide Powder 99.99% Red Label Cosmetic/Pharma Grade

1 Pound USA Copper Sulfate powder 99% pure; organic pest control ponds

Would these be safe to feed?

Stine, Norway, april 2013

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