Re: Lumps on my mare biopsied and inconclusive results

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Marion,

I'm a bit confused. Are you cutting the pill into quarters (4ths) or eighths (8ths)?

Totally agree with tapering on the meds otherwise many horses get the "pergolide veil". Although temporary, it will make them listless, not interested in eating. Raising the dose every 4 days is good. Really shouldn't do 8ths as the pill isn't even meant to be cut in to 4ths. To dose 4ths, should cut the pill in half then dissolve the half pill in a bit of water, shake and dose 1/2 of the syringe amount. Refrigerate the rest for the next day.

Do you have a case history filled out? I can't remember if your girl is also IR or not. If she is, the applesauce is NOT a healthy way to dose her meds. Pergolide dissolves readily in water so using a small amount of water would be better. I am assuming you are using the Prascend? The compounded pergolide would make tapering the doses up easier as it can be prescribed in any dose amount except 1mg (because the patented product comes in that dose). Adding APF, an adaptogen from Auburn Labs, will also help counteract the "veil" symptoms. 

PPID (Cushings) doesn't cause cancer but because uncontrolled PPID suppresses the immune system it may allow tumors to grow by interfering with the body's ability to recognize/fight the growth. I lost a 31 yo PPID/IR gelding to an aggressive cancer. As I was never quite able to get his pergolide dose high enough to solidly control his PPID (because at that time my vets would not prescribe high enough dose of pergolide), that may have been a factor in the cancer getting such a foothold.

Best thing you can do is get that ACTH under control as quickly as possible and keep it controlled. You had quite a high reading over a month ago and it will only be rising from there due to the effects of the seasonal rise. The 1mg dose will likely not be enough to gain good control so getting to that dose more quickly, and then beyond, should be your goal. That is the best way to help ensure a good quality of life for your girl.

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Jan 05, RI

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