Re: Round Bale Feeding for questionable IR horse

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Karen,

Per the blood work in your case history, your girl's insulin was 18.42 in June. When plugged into the IR calculator this comes up as compensated IR. There is no question she is IR, just the degree to which she is affected. Look here for the formula:

Her ACTH was 35.9 in June, which is above the normal range at a time when she should have had a value somewhere in the mid-twenties or lower. This makes her PPID positive although it looks like it might be in its beginning stages. She should be on pergolide.

My concerns with the barn with the round bale are that round bales can be dangerous for horses to consume as there is more of a chance for botulism. In her case the unrestricted eating could also be an issue. Having managed several barns in the past, I would also be concerned about turningĀ one mare out with several geldings as this can be an unsafe situation for all concerned. One gelding with multiple mares is an entirely different dynamic.

The other barn with the pony for company may be safer. Maybe you could have all the hay fed in small mesh hay nets hung around the turnout so the pony couldn't hog all the hay?

Would you be able to get the hay analyzed in either situation so you'd know whether it is safe to feed unsoaked or not?

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Jan 05, RI

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