Re: Laminar Wedge


Hi Lavinia -
No the wall angle just below the Coronary Band is not steeper - so I am thinking that this has been a more recent development. I have backed her toes up to almost the wedge as the trimmer did the year after she foundered.
The local feed store can send hay out to be analyzed so I can see if it needs to be soaked. And I'll talk to my vet about Pergolide.
Thanks for all your help!
May 2014

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Hi Karen,

Any of the scenarios you mention could potentially cause laminar separation. If the wall angle directly below the coronary band is steeper than the older wall below it, there has been a change in the relationship between the coffin bone and the hoof wall. If the trim doesn't take this into account by backing the breakover to coincide with the new angle of growth then a wedge forms.

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