Re: clarification on salt for the summer

beverly meyer

Thanks Nancy,
We're in Texas so it's humid.
So back to teaspoons. You calculate her minimum (at 450 pounds) as 4
grams salt which is 2/3 of a teaspoon/day. Maybe that's a fall and
winter dose?
(One teaspoon salt is 5 1/2 grams....)
But then you indicate if she does sweat she goes to 28 grams of salt per
hour which is another 5 teaspoons/hour?
I must be reading wrong. Can you summarize (and use teaspoons)? I don't
have a gram scale...
I hope I'm not the only one needing help with this!!
Thank you ALL so much.
Beverly 5/14
Ginger EC8
History document is attached to this email - I couldn't find it in yahoo
so don't know how to link it.

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