Re: clarification on salt for the summer



Often the confusion comes when using measurements ( tsp, TBS,etc) vs. actual elemental/ weight of a product.

Nancy's post broke it down perfectly:

450# needs 6gm SODIUM( using salt with 39% sodium ) which when using a gram scale=15.3gm of salt ~ this is gram weight.

If sweating for an hour+, then will need an additional 4.48gm of SODIUM, which =11.2 gram weight of 39% salt.

Purchase a gram scale!  They cost less than $20 and then you will be able to weigh 15.3 gm of salt, and then use an implement to measure out the correct dose.

I have 4 different brands of measuring spoons...each one holds a different amount of product.

Gram scale= no question about how much you are giving.

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