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I can certainly do that - however, the trimmer I had when my mare was growing out the 1/2" wedge only backed up the toe to the edge of the wedge - said it would be more protection because if the wedge was cut into, it would make the wedge disintegrate,since it was softer material.

Karen -

Just for a moment consider the fact that the information your trimmer shared with you is not correct.  If anything, wedge material must go, and what can't be readily trimmed through must be kept open to air.  

Why?  It is the perfect set up for anaerobic bacteria to set up house keeping.  And since the wedge is comb-like in structure, with 'gaps' between the teeth of the comb that go right back to the lamina, the bacteria can invade the even darker, warmer, airless environment of the inner hoof capsule and then to the coffin bone.  This bone infection is called osteomyelitis, and it simply does not respond to antibiotics.  My little rehab that I took in has a similar problem where you can see on x-ray a direct channel to the CB.  I"m just keeping him going until he can't.

Depending on the environment, the wedge may or may not be soft.  It can often be as hard as, if not harder than hoof horn.

I'm looking forward to the photos you say you will post.  In all sincerity, it sounds as if there are form issues that may be of consequence, and we want to help, but can't just by reading words.  It's like me asking you if you like my new hair style - it's shorter than it used to be...should it be shorter?

Can't answer without at least a current photo of my hair.

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