WAS: New Member From Colorado, NOW: Abcess Question

Suzanne Mansolilli

Hi all,

Shortly after my introduction posts and uploaded case history and photos, but before I got my blood work done, Monty had an abscess burst (about a week ago) at his coronary band. A little gunk comes out of the bottom of the foot along the edges of the frog as well as at the lesion at the coronary band.  The vet recommended to keep the bottom of the hoof and the coronary band wrapped with Animalintex poultice followed by Vetrap, boot and pad for about a week.  It has now been a week as of tomorrow, but I was just talking with a friend whose vet suggested antibiotics when her horse abscessed.  Do you recommend antibiotics to ensure it doesn't return?  And how long should I wait to do the ACTH, I/G and Leptin bloodwork?


SuzanneM and Monty

Western Colorado -- July, 2014

Case History:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/echistory8/files/SuzanneM/

Photos:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/echistory8/photos/albums/1794323561

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